Ectoatpases in isolated smooth muscle perparations

by Elaine Samuel

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Thesis (M.Sc.) - University ofSurrey, 1996.

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Smooth muscle is an involuntary non-striated is divided into two subgroups; the single-unit (unitary) and multiunit smooth muscle. Within single-unit cells, the whole bundle or sheet contracts as a syncytium.. Smooth muscle cells are found in the walls of hollow organs, including the stomach, intestines, urinary bladder and uterus, and in the walls of passageways, such as the FMA: An organ chamber, organ bath (or, colloquially, gut bath) is a chamber in which isolated organs or tissues can be administered with drugs, or stimulated electrically, in order to measure their tissue in the organ bath is typically oxygenated with carbogen and kept in a solution such as Tyrode's solution or lactated Ringer's solution. [citation needed]. Cymbopogon citratus has been shown to have antioxidant, antimicrobial, antispasmodic and chemo-protective properties. Citral, is the major constituent of C. citratus. This study investigated the effects of methanolic extracts of leaves (LE), stems (SE), and roots (RE) of C. citratus and citral on vascular smooth muscle and explored their possible mechanisms of by: In the former, isotonic, the muscle can move exerting a constant force as the fiber changes length. In the latter, isometric, the length of the muscle is held constant as the force of contract varies. The physiology of contraction can be studied in muscles isolated from a pithed frog. The preparation can beFile Size: 1MB.

Nerve and Muscle Kits are ideal for conducting experiments using isolated animal nerve, skeletal, smooth and cardiac muscle preparations. The cables connect to the nerve chamber and plug directly into the analog inputs and analog outputs of the PowerLab system for recording and stimulating the tissues. All kits include: Teaching Force Transducer ( g) Nerve Chamber with.   Airway smooth muscle (ASM) is the major effector of excessive airway narrowing in asthma. Changes in some of the mechanical properties of ASM could contribute to excessive narrowing and have not been systematically studied in human ASM from nonasthmatic and asthmatic subjects. Human ASM strips (eight asthmatic and six nonasthmatic) were studied at in situ length and force was Cited by: Question: 1) When Nitric Oxide Is Used In The Dilation Of Smooth Muscle Cells, Which Of The Following Would Interfere With The Relaxation Of The Smooth Muscle Cells? Inhibitors OfA) Calcium Release By The ER.B) Nitric Oxide.C) Guanylyl Cyclase.D) Calmodulin.E) All Of The Above3) All Of The Following Are Second Messengers ExceptA) Calcium Ions.B) IP3.C) DAG.D). Question: 1) When Nitric Oxide Is Used In The Dilation Of Smooth Muscle Cells, Which Of The Following Would Interfere With The Relaxation Of The Smooth Muscle Cells? Inhibitors Of A) Calcium Release By The ER. B) Nitric Oxide. C) Guanylyl Cyclase. D) Calmodulin. E) All Of The Above 3) All Of The Following Are Second Messengers ExceptA) Calcium Ions.B) IP3.C).

  Free Online Library: Participation of cholinergic pathways in [alpha]-hederin-induced contraction of rat isolated stomach strips.(Report) by "Phytomedicine: International Journal of Phytotherapy & Phytopharmacology"; Health, general Biological sciences Science and technology, general Animal experimentation Usage Gastrointestinal diseases Care and treatment Herbal medicine .   An emerging body of evidence suggests that vascular remodeling in diabetic patients involves a perturbation of the balance between cell proliferation and cell death. Our aim was to study whether arteries and vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMCs) isolated from diabetic patients exhibit resistance to apoptosis induced by several stimuli. Internal mammary arteries (IMAs) were obtained Cited by: In this paper, a crude methanolic extract from the stem bark of Prosopis cineraria, a plant native of Pakistan, was tested for its possible presence of spasmolytic, bronchodilator, and vasodilator activities in an attempt to validate some of its folkloric uses. Moreover, attempts were made to provide plausible explanations of the observed biological by: The pathways responsible for the rapid and sustained increases in [Ca2+]i following activation of ANG II receptors (AT1) in renal vascular smooth muscle cells were evaluated using fluorescence micr Cited by:

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The smooth muscle around these organs also can maintain a muscle tone when the organ empties and shrinks, a feature that prevents “flabbiness” in the empty organ.

In general, visceral smooth muscle produces slow, steady contractions that allow substances, such as food in the digestive tract, to move through the body. Abstract. Ecto-ATPases are glycoproteins that could be found in plasma membranes of eukaryotic Ectoatpases in isolated smooth muscle perparations book in different tissues, as well as in several animal cell lines 1– widespread distribution observed suggests an important role of these enzymes in the cellular : Tihana Žanić-Grubišić, Lorena Griparić.

Sugammadex is a new drug that reverses the action of rocuronium and certain other skeletal muscle-relaxing agents (nondepolarizing neuromuscular blocking agents). It appears to interact directly with the rocuronium molecule and not at all with the rocuronium receptor.

Furthermore, vascular smooth muscle cells isolated from Klf11 knockout mouse aortas showed increased tissue factor expression, which was rescued by KLF11 overexpression.

Moreover, their multiplicity and optical properties make it difficult to visualise them in whole smooth muscle preparations. Although isolated smooth muscle cells 4–6 can be seen to contract. Excitation-Contraction coupling & contraction in smooth muscle. Excitation-Contraction Coupling: Some of the most important differences between skeletal muscle and smooth muscle occur in excitation-contraction element that is the same between the two forms of muscle is that calcium plays a "starring" role.

Unfortunately, that is about the extent of the similarities. Pharmacology is the science of drug action on biological systems. It requires knowledge of drug sources, chemical properties, biological effects and therapeutic uses of drugs. In vitro pharmacological studies include the use of tissue-organ baths, organ perfused apparatus and Ussing chambers.

Record & measure in vitro tissue response and muscle tension measurements for pharmacology research. Cardiac Muscle Preparation Effect of various drugs on Isolated heart (Langendorff’s preparation) Effect of different drugs on Normal and Hypodynamic Rabbit heart Effect of inotropic and chronotropic effects of various drugs on Frogs heart Neural excitation of smooth muscle: Innervation of smooth muscle: The nerves innervating smooth muscle can arise from many different sources, unlike the situation in skeletal muscle.

Several places in the body, e.g. the GI tract and the trachea) have what amount to largely independent nervous systems that control the smooth muscle in these areas. Isolation of Mitochondria from Cells and Tissues † Several small preparations give better yields than a single large one.

Scaling up does not translate Isolation of Mitochondria from Cells and Tissues This is a free sample of content from Subcellular Fractionation. Through the method of pharmacologic antagonism, the contractile effect of histamine was studied simultaneously on isolated smooth muscle preparations obtained from the body and base of Author: Sergei N Orlov.

These results suggest that a possible site of action of nicotine in the isolated bronchial preparation is not on the nervous cells but on the smooth muscle cells. However, we could not rule out a contribution by chemical mediators released by nicotine in the contractile mechanisms in the bronchial by: Smooth muscle (so-named because the cells do not have striations) is present in the walls of hollow organs like the urinary bladder, uterus, stomach, intestines, and in the walls of passageways, such as the arteries and veins of the circulatory system, and the tracts of the respiratory, urinary, and reproductive systems (ab).Smooth muscle is also present in the eyes, where it functions to.

Kittel and E. Bácsy,Ecto-ATPases and 5′-nueleotidases in the caveolae of smooth muscle. Enzyme-histochemical evidence may indicate a role for caveolae in neurotransmission, Cell Biol Int. – PubMed CrossRef Google ScholarCited by: 2. Journals & Books; Help Vol Supplement 1,Page Effects of nicorandil on the isolated smooth muscle preparation of the dog coronary artery.

Author links open overlay panel Tokumasa Tsukada 1 Toyohiko Ushijima 1 Mikio Nakazawa 1 Shoichi Imai : Tokumasa Tsukada, Toyohiko Ushijima, Mikio Nakazawa, Shoichi Imai. *immediately available upon purchase as print book shipments may be delayed due to the COVID crisis.

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Springer Reference Works are not included. The chronotropic and inotropic effects of amrinone, carbazeran and 3-isobutylmethyl xanthine (IBMX) were examined in isolated preparations of papillary muscle and right atria from rabbit heart. The effects of the drugs on cardiac phosphodiesterase and cyclic nucleotide content were also examined.

by:   Smooth muscle histology. Author: Adrian Rad BSc (Hons) • Reviewer: Franchesca Druggan BA, MSc • Last reviewed: Muscle tissue is one of the four main types of tissues that allow the human body to function properly.

It is composed of muscle cells, or myocytes, all of which share the fundamental property of contraction. Buy Characterisation of cannabinoid receptors and their ligands in isolated smooth muscle preparations by Michael Gibson (ISBN:) from Amazon's Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible s: 1.

Despite its very potent vasodilating action in vivo, acetylcholine (ACh) does not always produce relaxation of isolated preparations of blood vessels Cited by: T1 - Electrophysiology of smooth muscle of the small intestine of some mammals.

AU - Hara, Y. AU - Kubota, M. AU - Szurszewski, J. PY - /3/1. Y1 - /3/1. N2 - Intracellular recordings were made from cells located in the longitudinal, inner and outer circular muscle layers of the dog, cat, rabbit, opossum and human small by: Smooth muscle Ca++release channels are activated by IP3 When tetrodotoxin (TTX), a poison that blocks sodium channels, is applied to certain types of smooth muscle, it does not alter the spontaneous generation of APs.

Ca 2+-DEPENDENT CONTRACTION OF SMOOTH MUSCLE. Contraction of smooth muscle is initiated by a Ca 2+-mediated change in the thick filaments, whereas in striated muscle Ca 2+ mediates contraction by changes in the thin filaments.

In response to specific stimuli in smooth muscle, the intracellular concentration of Ca 2+ increases, and this activator Ca 2+ combines with the acidic Cited by: Prolongation of bradykinin half-life following kininase inhibition has been proposed as the reason for the potentiation of kinin effects.

We have reassessed this assumption by using three different isolated smooth muscle preparations and simultaneously studying the inhibition of kininase activity and the potentiation of bradykinin effects by enalaprilat and BPP by: 5.

Neostigmine ( microM) or iso-OMPA ( microM) increased acetylcholine sensitivity in human isolated bronchial preparations but did not alter methacholine or carbachol concentration-effect curves.

In the presence of iso-OMPA (10 microM) the bronchial rings were more sensitive to by: The mean arterial blood pressure (MAP) and the sensitivity of a variety of isolated smooth muscle preparations to noradrenaline were determined in spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR), normotensive Wistar–Kyoto (WKY) rats, and a number of genetically related animals obtained by cross-breeding SHR and WKY (F 1, F 2, and F 3; and "backcrossod" strains BC 1 (S) and BC 1 (W)).Cited by: Introduction.

Smooth muscle cells (SMCs) are the main cell type in early arterial intimal thickenings and a major component of most stages of human atherosclerosis. 1,2 Like monocyte- derived macrophages, SMCs express scavenger receptors and become foam cells on exposure to lipoproteins.

3 – 5 Despite these findings, and the many descriptions of SMC-derived foam cells in human Cited by:   Bioassay of acetylcholine Principle: Potency of the test sample is compared with that of the standard preparation.

There are several biological methods for its assay. Rectus Abdominis Muscle of Frog: Dissect the rectus muscle and arrange the assembly as per assay of d-tubocurarine.

Plot log dose-response curve and find out the. Excitation - Contraction coupling 1. Mechanism of Skeletal Muscle Contraction (Excitation Contraction Coupling) 2.

Contraction For contraction, skeletal muscle must: be stimulated by a nerve ending propagate an action potential, along its sarcolemma have a rise in intracellular Ca2+ levels, the final stimulus for contraction Ca2+ levels may rise from its resting level of less than M to.

EARTHWORM SMOOTH MUSCLE BACKGROUND READING Animal Physiology by Hill, Wyse & Anderson, pp. – PRE-LAB (Due at the start of the lab) ** In your lab notebook, draw a flow chart of the basic procedure for the experimental procedure you will be using in today’s lab, focusing on the manipulations you will do on the isolated tissue.

Cellular Aspects of Smooth Muscle Function - edited by C. Y. Kao August Books; Cellular Aspects of Smooth Muscle Function; Because many new discoveries remain to be made, it may be well to recall that smooth myocytes do not function as isolated cells in their natural environment, and that a full view of the functions of the parent.The preparations consisted of isolated rings of 1) intact intestinal wall, 2) intact longitudinal and circular muscle, 3) ganglion-free circular muscle, and 4) ganglion-free circular muscle devoid of its dense layer and plexus muscularis profundus.

Atropine and procaine (greater than 10(-4) M) stimulated all four types of preparation.Outstanding resource, along with the companion title Pharmacological Experiments on Intact Preparations by the same authors and publisher.

Carefully detailed explanations of classic pharmacologic isolated tissue experiments on a variety of tissues: smooth muscle, heart, nerve, as well as biochemical pharmacology experiments.5/5.